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Kết quả giải báo bảng chào mừng ngày 20/11 năm 2018 - Môn Tiếng anh

Thứ sáu - 16/11/2018 11:44
Kết quả giải báo bảng chào mừng ngày 20/11 năm 2018 - Môn Tiếng anh

Kết quả giải báo bảng chào mừng ngày 20/11 năm 2018 - Môn Tiếng anh

Trong đợt thi báo bảng vừa qua, môn Tiếng Anh đã có 25 bài viết của học sinh toàn trường tham gia, trong đó
Khối 10: có 11 bài viết từ các chi đoàn 10A1,10A3,10A5,10A6,10A7,10A8,10A11
Khối 11: có 7 bài viết từ chi đoàn 11A1,11A4,
Khối 12: có 7 bài viết từ các chi đoàn 12A1,12A5,12A6
Có nhiều bài viết của lớp 10,11 được đầu tư kỹ lưỡng và có cái nhìn sâu sắc qua cách quan sát thực tế về người thầy người cô của mình qua câu hỏi số 11 “Viết về người giáo viên em thích nhất ở trường THPT Phan Đăng Lưu”. Rất đáng khen ngợi tinh thần tham gia phong trào của các em lớp 10   Qua một thời gian chọn lọc, 
-Giải nhất đã thuộc về bài viết của em Đặng Thị Tuyết lớp 11A1 
(bài viết về thầy Hoàng Thái Hóa giáo viên chủ nhiệm ) (bài viết đã có sự sáng tạo trong cách triển khai đề bài qua cảm nhận thực tế ,cách sắp sếp ý phong phú , thể hiện chân thành lòng biết ơn của mình qua một bài thơ)
-Giải nhì thuộc về em Trần Lê Thanh Hoài lớp 10A5 
( bài viết về giáo viên chủ nhiệm Quỳnh Nga ( bài viết rõ ràng đưa dẫn chứng thực tế về những hành động cụ thể của cô giáo đã làm cho học sinh)
-Giải ba: 2 bài viết
 Em Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hà lớp 12A6 ( Bài viết về thầy giáo Hoàng Tùng Ảnh luôn tâm lý với học sinh)
 Em  Vũ Việt Anh lớp 12A1  (Bài viết về thầy Tới dạy Toán về phương pháp dạy học và qua câu nói của thầy đã giúp hóc sinh có niềm đam mê)

Các em học sinh được giải sẽ được nhà trường khen thưởng vào sáng thứ 2 ngày 19 tháng 11 năm 2018


Write a paragraph 150 words about the teacher you like most in 
Phan Dang Luu high school
Đặng Thị Tuyết 11A1 GIẢI NHẤT
It has been said that nothing can be succeed without the help of the teacher. Yes, the teacher plays an important role in teaching students. To me, when I became a student at Phan Dang Luu high school, I had obviously realized this. And my head teacher who helped me in the early crestfallen days because I do not get used to my school and friends. My teacher’s name is Hoang Thai Hoa from my perfective. Mr Hoa always throws himself and soul into whatever he does and therefore the best possible outcomes are ensured. He is very persistent and   will never give up if that isn’t resolved. So he has taught us how to be patient and keep calm. And I learned many useful things from him. I have controlled myself every time angry, haven’t bursted into tears  when sad and have taken other comments. All things are really important for me. My teacher is always cheerful and enthusiastic in the extracurricular activities but he is very strict in studying. And he also cares for students and friendliness towards others in school. When I encountered the ups and downs, Mr Hoa who I could share and turn to for advice. So I feel him very wonderful. Briefly, the teacher is the one I admire and I am sure he will always be on my mind. And on the teacher’s day occasion, I want to send him a poet to thank you  for him
The way you teach
             The knowledge you have
             The care you take
             The love you shower
              Make you the world’ best teacher!
              You guided me when I was lost
              You supported me when I was weak
              You have enlightened me all through
              Thank you so much my teacher!!!
Trần Lê Thanh Hoài lớp 10A5 Giải Nhì
I have been a high school student for 4 months and up to now, the teacher who I like most in Phan Dang Luu high school is Mrs Quynh Nga. She is not only my Math teacher but also my homeroom teacher. Although she isn’t tall, she is very beautiful with round face and shiny smile. She is a devoted and responsible teacher as she always prepares carefully all the lessons before going to class. She teaches us how to love, how to become a good citizen for the country. She is the teacher who has her own teaching style. I love the way she teaches, marks the score and correct the mistake. In my opinion, she is the same as my second mother at school. She helps her student in any situation in their lives. Whenever I face up the problem, I have no hesitation to share with her, then she finds out the best solutions or gives me some helpful advice. In addition, If we don’t attend the class, she immediately contacts us and asks whether we are fine. It seems that she spends most of time giving deep knowledge to young generation, taking care of from education to daily life. She is one of my idols because her talent , personality and career. I want to thank her for all, for being a great teacher of mine
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hà 12A6 Giải Ba
In Phan Dang Luu high school, there are more than 100 teachers. Most of them are very good and well-character. It is too difficult to choose the teacher I love. But I love Mr Hoang Tung Anh. He is an ideal teacher and has passion with his profession. His deepness of knowledge in English is incredible. He is my class teacher so we are very close-knit with him. In class, he is like the father-father of 40 children. He teaches the lessons by the easiest way to know for students. When a class member has difficulty, he doesn’t hesitate to help that member. Additionally, If we don’t attend to the class for some reasons, he immediately contacts us. When I knew that my class teacher is male, I thought that he couldn’t psychology as the female teacher. Although members in class are girls, he still takes care of us and pays attention to the smallest things of the students. That makes us more close-knit. We –all of member in class 12A6 love him very much. I hope he will always be healthier, happier and more successful in life. A member of the class 12A6-Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha
Union is strength-Under the same roof
Vũ Việt Anh 12A1 Giải Ba
Being a student at Phan Dang Luu high school is one of the biggest happiness. We study, play, talk together. On this roof, I was most impressed by the way of teaching and sentiment of Mr Toi. He teaches me Mathematics. As we know, Math may be known as the most important subject, it  is also meaning that it is difficult and complicated. At the beginning of the course, I find it hard to study Math, even I hate it. But Mr Toi helps me a lot. He is also patient to me. He encourages me on studying, gives me many useful advice. When I was in troubles, my teacher cheers me up by telling funny jokes or meaningful story about good person. I do remember the state he told me when I was nervous that” Fear les, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, love more. And all good things will be yours”. This state which I will bring along in my life, is really helpful and meaningful. Although we work together in short time, I learn from my teacher a lot about knowledge ,of course, confidence, friendliness, patience especially his spirit. I promise myself to study, study more, study forever to become a good person. The last I want to thank to Mr Toi. Thanks so much for freshing my youth. Being his student is one of the most beautiful time in my life

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